To make yufka, the dough should be made to rest for just about half an hour or so after it is kneaded and rolled into large paper-thin round sheets (very similar to lavas) by using an oklava, a long roller used to make yufka.After the large thin sheets of dough are done, they should be heated or baked on both sides for just about 2-3 minutes on a hot saç until they get a slightly brown color. By. You can make it by hand, but the commercial stuff is actually pretty good, and it's increasingly easy to find yufka in specialty import shops or online (look for triangular sheets for this recipe). You can make it yourself, but the storebought stuff is actually pretty good, and a big time saver. Making 'Yufka' - the dough at home. Lightly sprinkle with a little cold water to help the phyllo dough keep its shape. Of course it is much more difficult to find yufka here in the states besides ordering it, but phyllo will work just fine. I have made the simplest way of Turkish Gözleme flatbread for you guys using supermarket bought filo pastry sheet. Pour the yufka into a suitable tray and sprinkle it with oil. In a buttered baking dish, spread out the yufka and bake in the oven until slightly pinkish. Lazy ones can prefer to make it from ready-use yufka but there is really important difference between both of taste:) Yufka gives the finished borek a weighty bite that's still plenty flaky. In terms of oil, yes you can use a combination of olive oil and butter. Divide it into 12 balls which will make 12 sheets of yufka; Related. Yufka is like phyllo dough but the taste and consistency are very different. If using filo pastry place two sheets of pastry on top of each other on the working surface. This is yufka, the flatbread many Turkish borek are made from. If you just say yufka, you mean the one that is used to make börek. The only catch is to let the dough rest for at least 4 hours to get nice soft texture on the flatbreads. Filed Under: Börek, Bread. These flatbreads can become very hard and dry if not served immediately. To make it soft again, it is sprayed with warm water and rested for few minutes in … After seeing… Overall, the aim is to make the yufka slightly less doughy and delicate (and thus easier to handle), while still keeping the sheets soft and pliable. If you do not have the time to make homemade dough this is the perfect alternative. Place the following two filo pastry sheets on top and brush again. Yes yufka is that basic and has the same ingredients as the flour tortilla that we know so well from Mexico. Have the straight flat side facing away from you. Repeat with the other three yufka pastry sheets to make a second roll. I rarely make this bread as it takes time to roll the bread and cook individually. Actually phyllo dough is a kind of yufka which is used to make baklava and it is called baklava yufka in Turkey. Combine the ingredients and let the dough rest for 30 minutes. Using a sharp knife, score the baklava deeply in your preferred shapes, such as parallelograms or diamonds. I used a heavy flat pan to cook the yufka. Previous Post: « Orzo with Beef and Mushrooms. You can find some of my recipes here. Bake until golden brown and crispy, about 30–35 minutes. How to Make Easy Filo Pastry (Yufka) with Cheese | Turkish Gözleme Recipe I have made the simplest way of Turkish Gözleme flatbread for you guys using supermarket bought filo pastry sheet. You can make a borek with cheese, ground meat, potatoes, spinach, leeks, lentils, almost anything. 228 views. admin - March 30, 2019. Meanwhile, make the sweet syrup. If you make it in the food processor the dough is done in under a minute. Then yufkas are boiled in a hot water one by one. Yufka is used to make many flatbreads, pastries, and borek, a baked or fried pie found in Turkey and the Middle East. This was one of the dishes that I read on a lot from here and here.The two traditional flatbreads like the Yufka and Lavas are varieties of round or oval shaped thin breads that are shaped by rolling on hand or dough roller called the oklava. Turkish people consume yufka ekmeği is mostly for lunch or dinner with stews, wraps rather than breakfast. It is similar to lavash and is a very easy dish to make and the dough can be assembled in no time. It is rumored to be the original form of phyllo. Heat enough milk in a pot to melt the sugar. This makes the borek soft and juicy. Using a spoon, press down on the pieces of yufka that float up. Börek (Turkish pronunciation: ; also burek and other variants) is a family of baked filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough such as phyllo or Opposed to a tortilla this recipe does not contain any oil and is originally made on a sac which is an iron plate that is heated with wood. The point is you need to apply some oil mixed with yogurt or milk in each layer and top. It is often made at home where the women will sit on the ground at a very low circular table and armed with a narrow, long rolling pin, a little similar to a broomstick but thinner, roll out sheet after sheet effortlessly. But yufka for suboregi has to be made a little bit thicker. My mom makes it everytime from homemade yufka, why it becomes the most delicious suboregi ever made! Yufka is traditionally used for borek as it is so thin and flaky. For the other cheese roll recipe, I recommend using the thinner filo, but I think they would both work. Yufka is a little thicker than filo dough, but this recipe would work with that as well. How To Make Yufka. How to make yufka Turkish flatbread tortilla. Cut into equal pieces and roll into a round shape. Azime invited me to go to her house to make the Yufka bread, very traditional in east Turkey where the big towers of this flat bread are all around. Yufka is a thin, round Turkish flatbread which is made using unleavened flour. You need to soak up the yufka sheets in a mixture of eggs, water, olive oil and milk. On a hard, flat surface, take one sheet of yufka and fold it in half. My kids love it … Generally you are free about the fillings of boreks. These flatbread can become very hard and dry if not served immediately. Beat the eggs and add them to the milk, pour the ready mixture into the tray. Actually, in Turkey we make our own Yufka from scratch and it tastes much better. 1. Yufka is a traditional turkish flatbread that is used as a wrap to hold the fillings for a shawarma sandwich or the Turkish Durum. “She’s the real usta [master],” Nihat confides in us. How to Make Easy Filo Pastry (Yufka) with Cheese | Turkish Gözleme Recipe. Bake in a preheated 392°F (200 °C) oven about 35-40 min. However this borek is always prepared with cheese and parsley. And when brushed with some butter before baking, yufka crisps up beautifully. As a Turkish women and a food blogger, I have used Yufka many times. This will make it easier to cut after baking. Share on Facebook. I never was a fan of yufka ekmeği when I was growing up, but now I do miss it quite a bit. To make it soft again, it is sprayed with warm water and rested for few minutes in … I prepared the filling with feta cheese and some green onions which perfectly fits each other. Yufka is thicker than phyllo but thinner than a tortilla. Tweet on Twitter. With a sharp knife, start around 4 inches in from the top left and cut diagonally downwards to the bottom left to make a triangle. Brush with some of the brushing mixture using a silicon kitchen brush. Yufka is nonleavened dough that is thinner than a tortilla and heartier than phyllo dough; it has a substantial bite but is still very flaky. Beat the eggs with the milk, sugar and vanilla and pour them over the baked yufka.. Bake the … You can make the dough by hand or in a food processor. Because we do not have an iron wooden oven at home make a Yufka in a skillet. To make these wonderful Turkish pastries, we start off with 'yufka'. Phyllo is super thin pastry and dries out quickly. Yufka is used to make many flatbreads, pastries, and borek, a baked or fried pie found in Turkey and the Middle East. Yufka is a thicker filo dough, closer to homemade texture. When using phyllo pastry, it is important to work diligently but quickly. Triangular ones are perfect for sigara borek and come about 30 to a package. The yufka is rolled very thin and then cooked on a heavy iron plate called Sac. Dough pieces are then rolled out into a circular sheet.

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