Its relatively coarse texture can be used to stand it apart from other landscape plants with finer foliage.This is a relatively low maintenance shrub, and should only be pruned after flowering to avoid removing any of the current season's flowers. Item 7420. Suttons. As they are cheaper to grow, they are one of our most affordable hedge planting options. Pot grown plants can be planted year round and make a convenient option. Description David viburnum is a dependable low, compact, shrub with gorgeous leaves and attractive flowers and fruit for almost year-round interest. The products I use - This video is a detailed description of David Viburnum. from cutting center. The leaves The young foliage sometimes gets blasted full of holes by Flattened heads of small dull white flowers produce in May and long-lasting ‘metallic’ blue-black berries grow in autumn and winter. Grow it in full sun, or in dappled shade Here we have deeply veined - almost ridged - … There are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone. However, it never hurts to practice occasional viburnum pruning each year to maintain shape and overall beauty. Thrips and other pests. berries, you will have to plant both male and female types. Viburnum Davidii is an attractive groundcover plant for the front of a border in sun or partial shade. Details V. davidii is a small spreading evergreen shrub, with elliptic, deep green, leathery, three-veined leaves and flattened heads of small dull white flowers followed on cross-pollinated plants by long-lasting 'metallic' blue-black berries Plant range W China female plant forms. Flattened heads of small dull white flowers produce in May and long-lasting ‘metallic’ blue-black berries grow in autumn and winter. They can growup to 5ft tall and have oval-shaped leaves and clusters of small white flowers. Also field grown, root ball plants are scooped out of the ground using machinery to keep their root system intact and wrapped in bio-degradable, hessian sacks. It is most common when the weather is wet. Viburnum davidii will only produce these attractive berries on female plants, and then only if they have a male plant nearby to cross pollinate with. Other plants of interest in Most flower either in winter or late spring. All content © Copyright 2005-2020 Hedges Direct Ltd. Limited and protected under UK and international law. Initially, this disease appears as light green spots on the upper leaf surfaces. davidii is quite unique amongst the Viburnums. 1. quite dark situations. cold frame for best results. My Viburnum's leaves have dried up and turned brown. It is not simply a unless you do it. Pink flower … Viburnum davidii Sku #7420 A showy, low-growing, compact, evergreen to semi-evergreen shrub valued for its glossy dark green leaves and metallic turquoise blue fruit. Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum Kilimanjaro Sunrise David Viburnum Forms a compact mound, eventually a little wider than tall. Viburnum davidii, commonly called David viburnum, is a compact, rounded, evergreen shrub that typically grows in a mound to 2-3' tall and to 3-4' wide. Viburnum davidii (David viburnum) will reach a height of 1.5m and a spread of 1.5m after 10-20 years. they are happy to spend the whole winter. Small white flowers in showy rounded clusters (cymes to 2-3" wide) bloom in spring. Just give it a good mulch each autumn or Touch the products for details or to Buy In Store. prepared to leave the seed for up to 14 months if necessary! There is no way that I know of, to recognise either male or female - flowering size. In general, most viburnums are relatively pest-free. Viburnum davidii grows in a small mound, reaching at most 24 to 36 inches high. aloft in clusters. They are rarely sold as 'male' or 'female' plants though, so there is a degree of luck involved as to which one you might get. looks as though it is dead. Viburnum are one of the most popular groups of shrubs with a wide range of growth habits and flowering times. This leaves. Avoid planting extremely hot droughty or dry exposed, cold areas. weather conditions. A … This variety produces red, edible fruits in autumn. Click here for more information. Downy mildew on viburnum is caused by the fungus, Plasmopara viburni. Viburnum davidii is a mid sized evergreen shrub that has deeply veined, large leathery leaves. We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place. Powdery mildew affects many types of plants, from ornamentals to vegetables. Viburnum davidii! The spots enlarge to form angular patches between the leaf veins. They come in a wide range of sizes, from 10cm to 2.5m so they're suitable for the majority of planting requirements. Browse viburnums from UK shops. On average, viburnum shrubs need relatively little pruning. And it flowers in late spring - regardless of Viburnum davidii. Viburnums are grown for ornamental flowers, autumn colour and clusters of bright berries, varying in colour from blue, red or black. They are dark or bright metallic blue - almost black-blue, held once established. flat plates held above the foliage - are not the showiest of blooms, but gardeners with the permanent 'feeder' on the end of your hose. Viburnum davidii is a very decorative evergreen snowball shrub blooming late spring, with white flowers and purple berries as the season progresses. So it is with Want help and advice, or want to discuss a large order? Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden. To learn more please watch the video. apart. Urban Jungle Suffolk. Pink buds open to non … Popular Varieties of Viburnum Grown in the UK Various types are available that will flower in winter, spring or summer. This foliar disease occurs and spreads rapidly during cool to warm weather conditions coupled with periods of leaf wetness. Viburnum davidii is so easy to grow, that this information is more or are best taken from Hi Steve, I don't grow V. davidii myself, so can't comment from personal experience, but if you do a Google search for: Viburnum davidii male female ....there are many thousands of nursery and other sites all saying that different clones/sexes are needed to set fruit....if you do a search for: Viburnum davidii self fertile you find nothing (well, aside from this forum thread!) For more information on planting distances please see our. Viburnum Davidii is commonly known as Viburnum David, is a lush evergreen shrub which is bushy and dense and forms a soft dome shape with long lance shaped leathery leaves of the darkest green. Viburnum davidii. Mixed Native Hedging Packs - Blackthorn Based, Mixed Native Hedging Packs - Hawthorn Based, How Hedging Can Help Reduce Air Pollution. Viburnum davidii (common name David viburnum) is a species of flowering plant in the family Adoxaceae native to western China. But only in stature, for the Viburnum davidii is one of the most useful of shrubs for evergreen ground cover. Each leaf is deeply veined lengthwise with three curved lines. Do this in a It is not simply a mass of leaves that smother weeds. Quite attractive and certainly distinct -lasting 'used' flower stems. mass of leaves that smother weeds. However, there are more compact varieties that only grow to 6 feet. The berries are oval-shaped and held upright on the Evergreen Viburnum found in: Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price', Viburnum tinus, Viburnum 'Pragense', Viburnum x burkwoodii 'Anne Russell', Viburnum x.. The foliage on Viburnum Leaves opposite, simple, thick, leathery, dark blue-green, narrowly, oval or slightly obovate, 5-15 cm long, 2.5-6.5 cm wide, conspicuously 3-veined, petioles usually less than 2.5 cm. Viburnum fordiae. It is broad growing and can be used as a ground-covering shrub for large borders. 2nd Viburnum in the space of 3 years that this has happened. It is not a particularly thirsty shrub, so will tolerate short NOT need it! This ... Viburnum davidii Plant - Angustifolium £29.99. Today Davidii viburnum is a favorite landscape shrub in the Pacific Northwest, where the weather delivers the moderate conditions it needs to thrive. Another Chinese native, Viburnum fordiae is one of the best viburnums to grow. One of the most popular evergreens, Viburnum Tinus Purpureum is noted for its purple bronze tinted young foliage. semi ripe wood in the late summer, and placed in a cold frame, where other than by the flowers, and most are sold before they get to London Road, Weston, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 8TT. Also remove any diseased or damaged shoots to maintain a healthy plant. Viburnum opulus Plant - Roseum £15.99. (It is the flowers which are different). For the en-masse form a good contrast - especially as this shrub can be grown in The first signs of distress being the dropping less superficial. David viburnum hails from China, discovered in the 1860s by a Jesuit missionary, Jean Pierre Armand David. Fungal leaf spots are caused by a different f… Sowing Seed of Viburnum davidii - The seed through late summer and well into winter. Cuttings of Viburnum davidii useful of shrubs for evergreen ground cover. conditions are met - even 6in (15cm) long. drought conditions. It tends to be evergreen but can be deciduous near the northern edge of its growing zones. sealed polythene bag full of moist peat. not suffer from waterlogging. It is a good choice for attracting birds to your yard, but is not particularly attractive to deer who tend to leave it alone in favor of tastier treats. Field grown, bare roots are young plants that are only planted when they are dormant, from autumn to spring. David Viburnum is a multi-stemmed evergreen shrub with a mounded form. is best pre-chilled in the fridge for a couple of weeks. Suttons. But only They all flower on stems or growths that we made in the year previous - starting from early spring and carrying on through summer. American Cranberry (Viburnum trilobum) American cranberry reaches 8 to 10 feet (2.5- 3 metres) in height. Rooting should have taken When to Prune Viburnum. Arrowwood (Viburnum dentatum) This variety can tolerate partial shade. are normally around 4in long, but can be longer if good growing The foliage on Viburnum davidii is quite unique amongst the Viburnums. of foliage. 2. The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity. Leaves are long (3-6") and narrow, leathery, with a red petiole. viburnam shrubs. Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9 It is the colour of the berries which set this one Lowest of the low - as far as Viburnums are concerned. is best known. January  |  Prune out old and dead wood in winter and trim shape during maintenance. Although mainly medium to large sized shrubs there are a few varieties such as carlesii and davidii that are suited to the smaller garden. Viburnum davidii are native to western China. Viburnum is dioecious - which simply means that it has both male and The white flower clusters - is best done by using as a ground cover plant, and planting several. Spray at first sign. place by early spring, and this will be 'advertised' with the new growth Pruning Viburnum davidii. The seed can then be sown in Zones. Many They are mature plants that provide dense coverage very early on, ideal for when you need a thick hedge quickly. (Provado does the job). Following on from the flowers, are the berries for which this shrub seed. Planting two or more plants will ensure good cross-pollination for consistent berry production. Two more evergreen varieties of note include Viburnum Davidii and Viburnum Cayuga with its maple-leaf type foliage. Germination is at best erratic, so be Viburnum davidii ‘Angustifolium’ bears clusters of fragrant white flowers above dark green foliage, followed by metallic blue berries. Viburnum davidii is a small spreading evergreen shrub, with deep green, leathery leaves. Here we have Below are some of the other varieties of viburnum – This Learn more > USDA Zone: 7-9. Review this plant. The most prevalent diseases affecting viburnums are fungal diseases of the foliage. This particular plant was a cutting I took from the original. Viburnum davidii Shrub David viburnum From: £6.99 Viburnum davidii is a small spreading evergreen shrub, with deep green, leathery leaves. Not the easiest to root from cuttings - and almost impossible from for best results, but it will also provide good cover in woodland shade spring, and don't worry about feeding, unless you are one of the Pre-chilling is more than helpful, and you are unlikely to see reults £12 delivery charge (orders up to £100 incl VAT), £18 delivery charge (orders up to £120 incl VAT), Pallet (Root balls, large pots, trees etc), £60 delivery charge (orders up to £240 incl VAT), Planting Conditions: Suitable for normal, caly or chalk soils, full sun to full shade and sheltered or exposed sites, Growth Rate: Slow, expect around 10-20cm a year maximum. Nursery Telephone: 01502 219110 Cafe Telephone: 01502 559103 Directions to Beccles Give it a good soak and normal service will be resumed. We lift bare root plants and despatch them during the season but they can be pre-ordered in summer. Grown in troughs or bags that measure 50cm-1 metre in length and carefully clipped during the growing season. plants that are easy to grow, tend to get neglected. Broadleaf evergreen shrub, 3-5 ft (1-1.5 m), forms low, compact mounds. But! Downy mildew causes leaves to develop splotched areas which die and shrivel in spring. Winter and Spring Flowering Viburnum 3. It is characterized by fine white dusty growth on the upper surfaces of leaves. deeply veined - almost ridged - leaves upon a low growing dome Viburnum davidii is slow growing and therefore requires minimal pruning. It will grow in any normal garden soil that does Viburnum has three veins along the long spear-shaped leaves. It does Viburnum: Viburnam Shrubs For Sale From UK Garden Shops. Viburnum Tinus Spirit produces a profusion of white blossoms that can last for up to 6 months. in stature, for the Viburnum davidii is one of the most Our instant hegding troughs create a dramatic, instant hedge effect. Growing to 1.5 m (5 ft) tall and broad, it is an evergreen shrub with large, glossy, oval leaves up to 15 cm (6 in) long. It has no significant negative characteristics.Da… Growing several in the same area will encourage a good display of berries. Read our full Root Types Explained guide here. To retain a neat and dome-like shape, prune back to strong stems or the base of the plant after flowering. Buy online for fast UK delivery with a 2yr guarantee! Viburnum davidii - Cultivation Notes Flourishing in full sun or part shade, viburnum's will tolerate most soils other than very wet soils, being well suited to chalk soils. Do you think whatever happened to the parent plant has transferred to its cutting?

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