It can slide out to the side when you need to use it, then slide back and hide away when you’re done. If he closes the screen, then the video to the external display is power off. Great article! My table has little space so I was thinking about buying an Allsop 18 inch monitor stand and putting the laptop under the monitor. He uses an external display at work but has to keep the screen of the laptop open. save. If you have an issue with the desktop not 'finding' the 50, it might help to check out the post I linked within my article above in the paragraph (just below step 6) titled "If you want to combine your Laptop Screen With Another Monitor". Could you please help me with this? View All … Thank you, HKhk. Thx TurtleDog great job.. now i know how to keep my laptop lid closed whenever i am using a wireless keyboard with big screen tv !! I have my computer on 24hrs a day as I listen to relaxing music to sleep. You're welcome Lalbabu! Thanks just got a new laptop at work... and the above insturctions worked perfect!! Once you have changed the power settings, you have to make sure that the display settings and the audio settings are what you want. Easy and well explaibed - even though I'm running Win 10. Use the External Display Connectors on Your Laptop. Thank you very much. will the closed laptop overheat during use. of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04. Even if you’re not making a presentation, you […] I just close this screen by hitting the close "X" block. I wonder if anyone here has tried linking their laptop to an external monitor with a closed lid and if they had any problems/insights? I have a Surface Pro 4 with a docking station with external monitor connected, both keyboards (1 to stay in the office) and mouse. My original Surface Book, for example, features a small Mini DisplayPort, but I was able to buy an adapter that turns it into a regular HDMI port that I can connect to almost any TV or monitor with a typical HDMI cable. Thanks a lot! However if you want to connect two external monitors, your laptop will need two Thunderbolt ports. Thanks buddy for letting us know that this tip also works for Window Vista as well as Windows 7. When you close your laptop lid while on "do nothing" it does in fact turn off. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Another screen might appear, asking you what power plan you want to use. Also, when you close your laptop lid, your external monitor might go black for a second. Glad you got that computer to stay on while the lid is down. This article was very helpful and simple! It is possible to use the DisplayLink device with the laptop lid closed, however this needs to be configured. I have a dell laptop and the screen is no use anymore but when I connect my other monitor by the vca cable and close the lid i: external monitor, want to close the laptop but it turns off: Laptop lid will not close and allow my monitor to work: No audio using external monitors with laptop closed It says that I don't have access to these options. I have a USB mouse and keyboard and want it to wake up when I use the mouse or keyboard. External hubs can not only add extra USB ports to your computer, but also allow you to connect displays via HDMI, and even add an ethernet connection. hi very informative thank you. It is possible to use the DisplayLink device with the laptop lid closed, however this needs to be configured. hide. These are easy to store inside your laptop bag and plug in when you need a bit of extra space without being too cumbersome. We've compared Apple's latest MacBooks, including the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. This is located about halfway down the window. For example, Macbooks and some Windows laptops use Thunderbolt, Mini DisplayPort, or Mini-DVI ports to connect to external monitors. But this is not the problem that I have. This is because you've correctly put the settings to "Do Nothing" (ie don't sleep, don't shut down, etc with screen shut), helpful indeed! The Duex Pro, for example, is a display that attaches to the back of your laptop’s screen. A USB-C to USB adapter or cable if you're using a USB mouse or keyboard with a Mac that has USB-C ports. If you already have an extra monitor (or even an iPad!) I have the same question. Great Explanation I was searching last 2 years, this is nice way of explaining it. Also, second question-- is the video adapter going to impact the quality of the output on the monitors and if so, anything I should consider when buying a high end monitor? Believe it or not, there are monitors available that are designed specifically to be secondary laptop displays. Appreciate it. Thank you! After shutting the lid, the PC thinks the laptop monitor is still running, so sometimes windows open there, and the mouse is lost a bit. I remember years back I had a PC where I set up a log in. share. As soon as I plug in the USB-C cable, the laptop goes into startup mode. One of our employees has an HP Pavilion G6 laptop. Right on, wanted to find a way to rock my new gaming rig to my 50 without having to leave it open - Thanks! I was able to access most of the features if I by passed the log in but I seem to remember (and keep in mind I'm kinda reaching on this one) that certain functions weren't allowed unless I logged in. If not it simply shuts off after it starts. Chances are good that you have a smartphone (or even a tablet) in your pocket or on your desk, even when you’re working from home. So glad I was able to fix the problem just by looking it up!! Don't panic, as it will come back on. Firstly, the notebook monitor needs to be set to off. The system is still responding to the mouse commands, I can click along the bottom of the screen and when my friend across the country opens the lid, I see that the programs along the task bar that I clicked on have launched. For example, Macbooks and some Windows laptops use Thunderbolt, Mini DisplayPort, or Mini-DVI ports to connect to external monitors. I did this. 1 comment. You will see a few options for how you want to display your laptop to the monitor but choose. Remember the parallel resistor configuration you learned at middle school? My laptop does not go to suspend or hibernation when I close the lid. Windows 10 normally puts your laptop into low-power sleep mode when you close the lid. To use closed-display mode with your Mac notebook, here's what you need: An AC power adapter or an external display that provides power over USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C). Closing the lid of your laptop and using an external screen is also known as clamshell mode. Any suggestions? Hey TurtleDog thanks for the help. One of my earlier comments was based on the laptop starting up/waking up with the screen on (even when the lid is closed) and not recognizing the monitors. If there are ways to make that work more efficient and easier, there’s no better time to disrupt your usual habits than when they’re already disrupted. Learn how to hook up your laptop to an external monitor while keeping the laptop lid closed. lol. Make sure you look at your laptop and monitor to see if they can support that. You will still use all the great resources of the laptop, but you'll have it shut and set to the side while your external monitor, keyboard, and mouse do all the work. The breakthroughs and innovations that we uncover lead to new ways of thinking, new connections, and new industries. This can also be accessed from the hardware and audio section of the control panel. Keep trying Lori! If you have a tablet laying around, you can repurpose it as a second, smaller monitor instead of buying an entirely separate display. Thanks Bottlegstan for stopping by! I have a laptop monitor and an external monitor and set things up so the display is extended On my old Windows 10 laptop, when I shut the lid of the laptop, all the windows on that screen would just move to external monitor. Thanks a lot. Aspire F15 laptop How to use external monitor with laptop lid closed. hahaha and what to do when you have win10? I love the portability of laptops but a big screen is still 'a must' in certain situations. This is an especially useful method if you already needed extra ports to hook up all the peripherals you’re used to using in the office. While you can also use other means to connect to an external display like VGA, DisplayPort and DVI port, HDMI is the most used digital port of all. ", Step 5: Open the drop-down menu under "plugged in" and select "do nothing.". You are awesome...thank you for sharing and making it so simple!!! Using a large monitor will change the resolution of the image on the screen. Or, if don’t want to interrupt an ongoing file download, but for some reason you need to close … Choosing Do nothing for On battery means the laptop will still run even if you disconnect it. This way, you can use only the external monitor when plugged in. If you’d rather not attach the monitor directly to your laptop itself, there are still portable displays designed to run off of a single connection (meaning they don’t require separate power). Any ideas? Good information, and it does work. You also have a wireless keyboard and mouse. What I'd like to happen is for when the Surface is connected to the docking station and the lid is then closed, is for the Surface Pro Screen to turn off and an external … Fortunately, it’s easy to add more screen space to most laptops, even if it doesn’t have a built-in display output. You'll also save some space since you are using your laptop rather than some big old tower or bulky desktop. Select Power Option4. By default, Windows puts your PC to sleep when you close the lid, which isn't ideal if you want your laptop out of … Lenovo Inc. View View. If you do own the computer, and just guessing here, but maybe you need to log in somehow with a password to have those rights to the drop down, settings controls? We'll start by addressing the first scenario: using your MacBook with an external screen while keeping the lid closed. Once you attach your external display to your laptop with the appropriate cable (or adapter and cable), you may be required to press some keys on your keyboard for it to function properly. Keeping the lid closed, hit any key on the external keyboard to wake the MacBook/Pro from sleep The Mac will now use the external display as the primary monitor, keeping the laptop in clamshell mode Whichever method you use to enter into clamshell … This is a huge problem, I don't have a whole lot of desk space and really need to be able to close my laptop. By default, Windows puts your PC to sleep when you close the lid, which isn't ideal if you want your laptop … I like my laptop, but I do find the screen to be too small. Often these require only a cable running from the port to your monitor. It will continue to run. Depending on which power source you want to use while using an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Do you have any tips on what I should do? Mine still shuts the external monitor off. He uses an external display at work but has to keep the screen of the laptop open. Though the options explained in the post are different on windows 10, I managed to find "when I close the lid option" and chose "do nothing" in the drop down. But now that you’re working from home, the company laptop screen leaves a little to be desired. Thanks for the useful info! Only some laptops can support video output through USB-C, and only some external dongles can add video support to a device that doesn’t already have it, so be sure to check the manual on your manufacturer’s website for details about your specific device. For those of you new to Windows, this is the circular Microsoft button on the lower left side of your screen. Everything works for me with the lid closed except my mouse. Are you any relation to TurtleMan? Yes. It only does this temporarily. If you’re not exclusively using Apple products, then third party apps can help you accomplish the same thing. Hi Sorry Travis and Jaci . Step 5: Open the drop-down menu under "on battery" and select "do nothing. When you worked in the office, you had plenty of space for multiple monitors. Is there any way to fix this? The article will show you how to keep running your laptop while the lid is closed while connected to an external monitor. For instance, when you connect a laptop to an external monitor and don’t want to use the notebook’s own display. Apple’s Sidecar is baked right into the Mac operating system and allows iPads to connect via USB-C or Lightning cable to extend your desktop. To connect the external display to a laptop, locate the correct port on the body of your laptop. I went searching for an article to setup my laptop as a desktop and this was the best article. New comments cannot be … To revist this ... the company laptop screen leaves a little to be desired. I am looking at setting up two external monitors as a desktop configuration. That’s because a monitor connector is a standard feature on all laptops. It works at least if you are a Windows 7 user (and likely Vista too as Darren mentions in his comment) Be sure you have both the "plugged in" and "battery" set to "Do Nothing" when changing the settings on "When I Close The Lid". In the "Hardware and Sound" window, look for the "Power Options" section. No. Use the Control Panel—not Windows 10’s Settings app—to change this behavior. This setting allows you to choose whether to keep your Windows desktop running on a single display, being duplicated on both built-in and external displays, or using the external display as an … Thank you sooo much I was going crazy! Thanks for your information; it is helpful. Discussion Aspire F15 laptop How to use external monitor with laptop lid closed. It is a wired mouse plugged into the docking station and it works fine when lid is open. External monitor goes to sleep mode when computer lid is closed – ThinkPad P70 At work I use laptop with its lid open, so I can use both my laptop's screen and an external display simultaneously. How to auto turn off laptop screen while using external monitor. It sounds like you did it right. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Depends If you are just duplicating the monitors, or just using the external one (with laptop’s monitor turned off), the “stress” on laptop is same as playing the game with laptop’s display as the only output. Thank you for the explanation!!!! Thanks! Thanks so much and glad this worked for you! How to Run Your Laptop With the Lid Closed. needed the help for my big 27' monitor for when I use it for my laptop. Contact your IT department. I have it set so the display doesn't turn off and it never goes to sleep. Yes, it sounds like you might be using a computer that your employer issued you for work? Step 2 Then go ahead and select "Control Panel" in the window that appears to the side. © 2020 Condé Nast. Turn off laptop screen when using external monitor windows 10 Windows computers let you customize your primary and secondary display when working with external displays. You are great!. This can be done in two ways: Using the DisplayLink UI The DisplayLink GUI in the system tray provides the option to set "Notebook monitor off". ... (that key also has CRT/LCD and controls whether you use an external monitor or the laptop's … If you don’t have a dedicated display connector on your laptop, you can sometimes use a USB connection. So you've got yourself a cool Windows laptop or MacBook to use while on the road. If you can keep the laptop open and off to the side, but the screen being on bothers you, a compromise may be to plug in the external monitor, press the Windows key and P, and just ask it to use the external monitor only. Question. Need a little more desktop real estate, or just tired of hunching over a small screen all day? This work perfectly on my Windows 8 operating system. How do you get sound out when it's in clamshell mode? To connect the external display to a laptop, locate the correct port on the body of your laptop. Here is what I did to run my laptop on an external monitor with the lid closed. When it comes to the large screen of an LCD in habitual use, a non-glare type that is not reflective is probably easier to see, as well as being kinder on the eyes. The system only allowed me to Stretch the display across the three screens. Plug your display into an outlet and press its power button. My table has little space so I was thinking about buying an Allsop 18 inch monitor stand and putting the laptop … You can use this same technique to keep an eye on Slack chats, monitor news feeds, or keep an eye on dashboards or other metrics without making them so convenient that they become distractions. I assume that there is a setting somewhere that can change this, but for now, I find it convenient. But I am wondering if I should be having my laptop closed or open when using it. Sometimes you want to keep your Windows 10 laptop running while it is closed. The WIRED conversation illuminates how technology is changing every aspect of our lives—from culture to business, science to design. In today's how-to video, I'll be showing you how to use an external monitor with a laptop closed. Check out what makes them special and which one's right for you. Thanks for your help! But this is not the problem that I have. Make sure you have an HDMI cable if your MacBook has that port. Check out our Gear team’s picks for the. The first step to running your laptop with the lid closed is to click on the "Start" button. Updated 11/27/2018: You can easily use the MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro in what’s commonly called clamshell mode.Clamshell mode is when the laptop lid is closed but the machine is hooked up to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse, effectively turning your portable Mac into a desktop.

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