A Tame Book can be bought at any Zoologist for 200,000 coins. You might also need to tell your squad to hold back with their attacks. In endgame instances, most pets will be needed as DD/debuff/support pets. the best defense pet next to the hurc would be the crysraline magmite. If you like playing in Fox Form a lot, your Str. Pwi.gamepedia.com Hello and welcome to the beginner's guide. as for skills, put bash on, that alongside the existing icicle gives a decent set of damage skills, alongside its existing roar - useful for when you pull agro to reset agro back on your pet In order to upgrade a pet's skill a Tame Book is required. It enables you to tank several at-level bosses and gives you the ability to solo your own dungeons, with some exceptions. A quick summary of the each legendary pet: The ultimate tanking pet. You will need to set Heal Pet on the Assisting slot. Amidst a realm of stunningly rich environments, players can fly freely through the skies, explore dangerous dungeons, or join intense PvP battles for power and land. You'll want to get a good defensive inherit roll and a good mood. You could teach your pet Pierce so that you won't have to switch to Human Form for Ironwood's physical debuff. Mount Mount Aid Skyblade Sky. 3 Antelope Pup, 2 Frost Antelope, 1 Proud Antelope. In addition to that, pet attack Inherit is only affected by gear and weapon, not by your base magic attack. Hatched pets can only be kept in the pet bag; if there is no space in the pet bag, the pet egg cannot be hatched. The game's currency system has been completely overhauled as of the content update released on 10/23/2019. Set your pet on defend so that it attacks monsters that attack your Venomancer. Every 10 levels this spell can be upgraded to improve the chance of a successful tame by 5%. Weaken the monster to low HP and perform the Tame spell. This is the only pet that can accompany the player while mounted on aerogear. During the lower levels you'll probably rely on tank pets more because you'll probably solo a lot, unless you start out with friends or make friends and play together early on. Phoenix Feathers and Sources of Force are interchangeable, as they can be traded in stacks of 100 to the Pet Manager for the preferred unit. N/A09人鱼传说怪物. Any ranged or fast pet will do the job. There are pets who appear to have skills that normally their level range wouldn't allow them to have. A PvE "jack of all trades, master of none" pet that has superior stats and more utility compared to the Phoenix. From the pet bag the player can view the pet's stats, call the pet to battle, or stow the pet away. Swimming, crossing bridges, or gaining altitude with aerogear, these pets will automatically be stowed to the pet bag. Each pet will have to be trained (see pet training below) in … Search Level 0-9 Level 10-19 Level 20-29 Level 30-39 Level 40-49 Level 50-59 Level 60-69 Level 70-79 Level 80-89 Level 90-99 Level 100-119 Level 120-150 Library Quests Other Login Basket Items Drop rate ChangeLog Faction Bases Engravement Titles Heavenfall Rewards Please update any information mentioning coins. See the List of Pets article for a full list of all pets, along with their locations and stats. If you're in a squad and other people hit monsters first, your pet won't gain EXP. Tame pets normally get a maximum of 10 EXP per kill, assuming that the kill is of something the pet's level or higher, however if you have the pet at a loyalty level of 50% or higher ("Loyal"), then it gets a maximum of 15 EXP per kill. These can only be taught to pets level 80 or above. It is important the pet does not die, as upon each death the loyalty of the pet drops by 20%. Soulstone Esper Esper Aid Gem Reforge Soul Card. I suggest setting up your bot and observe it to see how often and how much damage your pet takes. Pet Aggressiveness Scroll:Increase Pet's base physical damage by 30% for 1 hour. Posted: (2 days ago) A good way to avoid having to feed your pet is by having a tome equipped. MAG = (At least Your level x 3) VIT = (Remaining points) AGI = 3. Material. Your Vit. Different pets eat different families of feed, while specific kinds of feed within those families will raise the pet's loyalty by greater or lesser amounts.

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