They can help increase biodiversity, provide shelter, prevent soil erosion, reduce flooding and much more. However, on a big well-managed plantation, that could add up to significant value on a per-acre basis. Come and invest Rs.80 for one plants and earn more then. Plant trees. Plant trees . With good soil, adequate bio fertilizer in the initial stage, proper irrigation up to three to five years you may harvest it in 25 years. Mahogany plantation: COST OF ONE PLANT IS 80 RS. (Transportation and Organic Fertylizer of Rs 40,000/- free) Bigvision: Expected Guaranteed Returns with Registered Court Agreement. Get latest info on Mahogany Plants, Mahogany Trees, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Mahogany Plants prices for buying. Since in their natural environment the trees grow scattered, an average of only 2 per acre being considered a good stand, the challenge commences with a complete survey of the area to determine whether it contains enough Mahogany in valuable quantities and in conditions that permit getting it out. Choose your species according to the land you have and what you want from your trees. The number of trees per acre is 1200-1500. 14000 per acre Rs.1.31 lakh / per Rs. Planting a single tree has benefits for people, wildlife and the environment. The price of wood per ton is rs 2000-4000. so one can get minimum revenue of 2000*30 = rs 60000/acre every year. If you manage a farm or private land, integrating trees can bring huge benefits – and there’s no need to take large areas out of production. In this blog we are sharing full information about Mahogany Tree - The Commercial Tree. Following topics we had covered in our blog : * How you can do Plantation of Mahogany Tree * Uses of All parts of Mahogany Tree * Benefits of Mahogany Tree Each plantation will be a minimum five acres. After 10 years, at the time of final cutting, the rate of Mahogany wood is expected to be well above Rs. Colours include purple, red, orange, yellow, pink and green. Teak plantation: COST OF ONE PLANT IS 79 RS. R.S. Each BMW plantation will have 800 mahogany trees initially planted, 500 for the plantation owner and 300 for BMW to be used for twelve years as crop replacement insurance and to guarantee the wood volume yields predicted at the time of purchase. Expected returns per tree is Rs10000/- per tree. Find here details of companies selling Mahogany Plants, for your purchase requirements. This activity included practices such as shear-rake-pile-bed, subsoiling, and drum chopping. Calculation as per the Agreement. (900 plants per acre) 3 as (3000 trees per acre) 0.24 as (820 plants per acre) Rotation 20 yrs 20 yrs 20 yrs Expenditure Rs. Rs.2000 per cub/feet x 12 cubic feet from one tree =R.S. Agreement Term – 10 years. A Farming developers contacted me and said they are selling 150 sqyrd land for 1,50,000/- with a sandalwood plantation of 13 trees. I am interested in doing this Australian teak tree plantation in my small land of 5 acres in Pipariya, distt : Hoshangabad (M.P.) The above equation is an expression for computing the stand density index from the number of trees per acre and the diameter of the tree of average basal area. 4. I considered starting a mahogany tree farm and furniture business here in the Philippines last year. the decrease in the number of trees per acre. R.S. 26,900 Yd 4500 cft Not Known Not Known Net profit Rs. 32,00,000 per acre Thinning not done . 500 Trees Rs 1,10,000/- Plantation in 1 Acres. of trees of higher girth or larger number of trees of lower girth. At 15 feet spacing you'll have about 180 to 200 trees in one acre. Assume that a stand with basal area of 150 square feet (14 m 2) and 400 trees per acre is measured. 18,00000). How to plant a tree. 30% of the trees we leave without cutting for 8 years means it can be used in plywood industries which will fetch rs 6000 to 10000 per tree ( 6000*300 = Rs. Acer or Maple trees are a firm favourite because of their distinctive leaf shapes and vibrant foliage that change colour through the seasons on many varieties. 24,000 from one tree in 10-12 yrs. But many do not know even the air we breathe is clean forests which act as a giant filter. Provide eucalyptus clonal plant (Safeda) plant nursery supplier and poplar farming, mahogany for plantation .We identify soil,give training, and explain processes to complete farmers project of tree plantation. (Expected yield from a 10 year old Mahogany tree is more than 30 cu.ft. 30,000 x 500 plant in one acre = 150,00000/-1 crore fifty lakhs Safeda (eucalyptus) plantation: Ganesan RP is an engineer from Tamil Nadu and has been working on his 50-acre farm, Brahmanavam, since 2003, studying and growing plants. 24,000 x 500 plant in one acre = 120,00000/- 1 crore twenty lakhs. Wholesale plant nursery,plant nursery,supplier,plant nursery. Table 1. How to care for your trees. Mahogany grows to an average of . 30,000 x 500 plant in one acre = 150,00000/- 1 crore fifty lakhs Safeda (eucalyptus) clonal plantation: From the general yield table in the first quality Mahogany at 10 years of age, the average diameter is 27.2 cm and average height is 23.2m. trees per acre, if the spacing is consistent across the site (Table 1). (Transportation and Organic Fertilizers of Rs 40,000/- FREE) Bigvision: Expected Guaranteed Returns with Registered Court Agreement. 20 cu.ft. Commercial woodlands are normally planted in lines to aid management but new native woodlands are often … We had collected information from who had done farming of Mahogany Trees & already become a Money Man. Big leaf mahogany is found from the wet forests of Yucatan, Mexico all the way south into the Amazon of Brazil and Bolivia. 30,000 from one tree in 10 yrs. The trick to successful planting is good planning. Where to plant. that is approx 500 plant in one acre Rs.2500 per cub/feet x 12 cubic feet from one tree =R.S. The highest growth is recorded under plantation condition in BIHAR and tarai belt of NEPAL. Agreement Term – 10 years. I learned that the age and health of the tree determines the value per board foot. R.S. The standard Forestry Commission grant-aided woodland has 2250 trees per ha or spacing between trees of 2m rising to a maximum of 2.5m (1600/ha). 1000 Trees Rs 2,20,000/- Plantation in 2 Acres. If the promoter is selling a total number of trees planted, then multiply the cost per tree by 1,100 to get the per-hectare cost, but remember that in this case you will only be getting about 260 harvestable trees at the end of the rotation. 30,000 from one tree in 10 - 12 yrs. 30-40ft./9.1-12.2 meters high. Teak farming requires proper research (in terms of soil test, environment and climate) and good maintenance for 10–12 years. This can be reduced down to 1.5m spacing if you are establishing a coppiced woodland or increased up to 3m spacing in some circumstances. Come and invest Rs.79 for one plants and earn more then. The farming is done in land of 65 acres. The initial phase comprises 700 acres for 120 plantation home sites. If trees within a row are 20 feet apart and the rows are 12 feet apart (12 X 20 or 20 X 12), trees are growing at a density of roughly 182 trees per acre (see Table 2). 24,000 x 500 plant in one acre = 120,00000/- 1 crore twenty lakhs Mahogany trees do best when planted in areas that receive partial to full sun. Individual Sagwan Plants take carbon dioxide anually 142 kg. Mechanical Site Preparation Costs Per Acre * Too few … Find here online price details of companies selling Mahogany Wood. Follow our guide to three of the most successful ways to plant. 1000 Trees Rs 2,20,000/- Plantation in 2 Acres. 1000 per cu.ft. Plant trees. Those benefits vastly increase when planting a whole woodland. Example : 1 tree gives minimum 5 CUBIC Ft and per cubic feet price we can take as low ₹ 1000 then here is the Australian teak income you could get it from 1000 plants. The second advantage of Sagwan Plants planted in their economy has improved. that is approx 500 plant in one acre Rs.2500 per cub/feet x 12 cubic feet from one tree =R.S. Come and invest Rs.79 for one plants and earn more then. Pine timber generally sells for less than ten cents per board foot. R.S. The value of pine trees in the forest or in a plantation can be appraised by a Consulting Forester. Thanks, Guest Author: vijay shinde 09 Nov 2014. 2 ft./0.6 meter trunk; 20-30ft./6.1-9.1 meters canopy. … Calculation as per the Agreement. Add: Swietenia mahogani. So, a big pine tree might be worth $30. 13,71,000 (less due to expense ) Thinning not done Rs. - 100.00 Lacs = 1 Crore. Different trees have different purposes and needs. 24,000 from one tree in 10-12 yrs. of wood. 5000 Cubic ft * ₹ 1000( price for 1 cubic feet) = ₹ 50,00 000 INR 3. He said yielding period of sandalwood is 15 yrs. We offer over 65 varieties of Acer tree, including many varieties of Japanese Maple, Norway Maple, Field Maple and some more unusual choices. The increase in diameter growth is, however, dependent on increasing the size of the crown i.e. For calculation purpose, it is taken as 20 cu.ft. Single-pass operations averaged 33 percent less than double-pass operations and 54 percent less than triple-pass operations. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Mahogany Wood for buying in India. 5 Cubic feet * 1000 tree= 5000 cubic feet wood produced. 29,86,000 per acre (Not aware of income from thinning) Rs. Calculations for 500 trees in 10 years. Kindly guide me from where d I get the information and baby trees for plantation Also sir please let me know after 12 years who are he probable buyers of our trees and does this rate may increase after 12 years. per tree x Rs. Even with 1.5 meters distance all around, the trees will overlap because the canopy is between 6.1 meters and 9.1 meters. that is approx 500 plant in one acre Rs.2000 per cub/feet x 12 cubic feet from one tree =R.S. In other words, one can have either lesser no. At 10 years of age the height growth was 23.1m and diameter was 28.7 cm. He told they will take the maintenance of sandalwood plantation for the 15 yrs, at the last they would take 32% of money and give us the 72% to the customer. Mechanical site preparation was reported on 56,613 acres at an average cost per acre of $182.28 (table 1). There were no trees, as we do, if we can not, let's face it. 10 people inhale in a year as a mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in the session. Teak plantation: COST OF ONE PLANT IS 79 RS. I have extensive experience in furniture and cabinetry. Go for African Mahogany. The general answer is P5,000-P10,000 per tree for the green timber after felling the trees, depending on how many board feet each tree yields. Mahogany harvest has driven loggers into the Amazonian forest for centuries; although mahogany trees comprise only a small percentage of the total trees harvested in the Amazon, a single tree can sell for thousands in a US market. 4. Example…. Mahogany trees do best when planted in areas that receive partial to full sun. densities have been tried, but 2m x 2m spacing (2,500 trees per hectare) is generally regarded as the optimum in terms of cost and return. 500/-per cu.ft=Rs 10000 x 1000 trees.

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