Guppy Gallery - Green . Moscow Red Guppy. The Dwarf Blue Panda Guppy (Poecilia reticulata var. Unfortunately, this endemic species didn’t attract any interest among the scientists and for some unknown reasons it was considered as an extinct one for a long time. American Blue Guppy. Moscow Blue Guppy. These creatures are fragile. Feb 27, 2016 - Find best value and selection for your Pair of Emerald Green Panda Guppy Male Hybrid Endler Female Livebearer search on eBay. "Full Platinum Albino"), Males and Females - … Hansypatty1968: 02d 04h + 50.00 DRAGON MOSAIC GUPPY 10 FRY PACK WOW!!! Will They Get To Cold, Do Goldfish Have Teeth? "Panda") is a relatively new color strain that has only very recently become available and so far, we are one of the few stores to offer it. What Should I Do, How To Save A Dying Goldfish? I've got a group of Julii Corys and just lately one of my old panda cories died so I was left with one panda cory, I added him to my other tank and they all get on fine together! Shop Options. Koi Guppy (any qty.) World's leading marketplace. I do add crushed … 1970 (Moscow, USSR) – famous Mr. Kornev received Moscow Full Scarlet guppy from cross between Red guppy with small transparent tail and Golden guppy with big tail. Find here details of companies selling Guppy Fish, for your purchase requirements. *Limit 1 per customer per household / shipping address. Why Is My Goldfish Gasping For Air? Fish delivered may be different in appearance to the website photo (including colour) based on natural variation, age, stress, gender, etc. If it`s top quality, well bred Moscow guppies you are looking for, then look no further!!! A Female Guppy, like the one just above, offered for sale on this page is pregnant. Moscow Purple Guppy. This type of guppy is easily to locate which makes purchasing one much easier and drives the price down as a result. Many people bread these fish as they are very popular with fish keepers. Datiyehfl: 02d 03h + 45.00 Assorted Male Guppy (any qty.) These guppies are in demand because of their nice red / orange colour. Males may have bodies and tails covered in orange, blue, violet, green… I got the price from some friends I know that own these fish. Free shipping. Male purple Moscow is active breeder, chase female around the aquarium like other species of guppy though they are smaller in size than their female counterpart. Half Moon Guppy ; Panda guppy; Red Blonde; Red mosaic guppy; Red tuxedo neon guppy; Snakeskin half moon guppy; Variegated guppy ( MIX ) Yellow guppy; Killie . Get latest info on Guppy Fish, female Guppy, Rainbow Fish, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Guppy Fish prices for buying. Rare Albino Split Tail Endler Guppy. Can Guppy Fish Live Alone In A Small Fish Tank? Albino Full Red Guppy. The fancy guppies are my favourite type of guppy because of the wide verity of colours from guppy to guppy. If you choose to keep both males and females, keep them at a ratio of 2:1. The appropriate water temperature is best when at 23 °C (74 °F). Watch. Having many males in the tank is always strenuous for the females; this is why one male to three female ratios is recommended. As a rule, the fish dwells in clean flowing water, but they also like brackish nearshore waters, but not salty seawater. Assorted Female Guppy. Since they saved some for the rest of us, we payed homage with our namesake. Black Ghost; Loach Botia . 010 Guppy Red Cobra : 011 Guppy Blue Cobra. You can keep one Guppy per 2 gallons of water; for example, you can keep 5 in a 10 gallon tank and 10 in a 20 gallon tank. Here is where you can buy guppy fish and Plecos from Michael’s Fish Room! Click here to shop online for Male Guppies. Shop Options. 018 Guppy Dragon : 020 Guppy Red Mossiac. Types/Pairs Available Include the Following; Updated: 21/10/2020 Gold Cobra – £2.75 Blue Sapphire – £2.75 Pink Tuxedo (New Variety) – £2.75 Moscow Blue (New Variety) – £2.75 Panda Guppy (New Variety) – […]

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