Pickups: 3 Yosemite single-coils. Body: Alder My Review: Yngwie Malmsteen was also one of the players who pushed Strats into new territories. We also have the Ultra Satin neck, which even adds to the guitar’s awesome feel and performance. Bridge: 2-point Synchronized Tremolo. In some cases, these guitars can get the “relic” treatment, making them look as if they’re instruments from the old times. What’s most important is that the guitar truly does a great job, even for some contemporary genres. It’s pretty much a toss up between that model and the Gibson Les Paul as the number one iconic guitar out there. Livraison gratuite dès 49€. Ernie Ball Electric Guitar Strings (2021) Interestingly, the next product on our list is another set of … Unveiled last year, the Fender Vintera series aimed to “reimagine, consolidate and replace” the Classic line being made in the Ensenada factory. On the other hand, we have a much cheaper solution in the form of Stratocasters made in Mexico. Neck: Maple, “Soft V” profile But comparing it to some cheaper models, the Ultra series brings tonewoods of better quality. Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster, 8. And it still seems to be the winning combo, doesn’t it? In case you love the Fender Stratocaster aesthetics and ergonomic qualities, yet prefer a somewhat darker tone and an unusual twist with the middle humbucker, then this is the guitar that you’ll want to be looking into. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: The instrument is equipped with a Two-point Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo and the standard locking tuners. While even the classic Strat with three single-coil pickups is pretty versatile on its own, it’s always a good idea to start narrowing things down with your preferred genres. The new models offer a basswood body, Gotoh tuners, an HSS pickup configuration with a coil split switch for the bridge pickup, a Floyd Rose locking tremolo and 24 jumbo frets. Fretboard: Rosewood Neck: Maple Therefore, you’ll see Stratocaster guitars in the hands of various guitar players, no matter their stylistic preferences and technical approach to the instrument. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: Instead of the standard old school Fender bridge, we have the company’s 2-point Deluxe Synchronized Tremolo one that offers great stability in tuning. The development of this new Fender’s instrument started sometime in 1952. The Stratocaster is a classic guitar because it has a great build and an equally great sound. The blues virtuoso’s ‘Number One’ Strat was the core of his tone, Price: $1,699/£2,059 | Body: Select Alder | Neck: Maple (thick oval shape) | Scale: 25.5" | Fingerboard: Pao Ferro | Frets: 22 | Pickups: 3x Texas Special Single-Coils | Controls: Master Volume, Tone 1 (Neck/Middle Pickups), Tone 2 (Bridge Pickup) | Hardware: Gold | Finish: 3-color sunburst design with polyurethane finish. So it’s worth asking yourself what has typically been used by the artists you’re most inspired by. While some of the materials might not be as good compared to American-made Strats, you’ll still have some awesome qualities in there, including the overall feel and the tone. When it comes to the scale length, Fender Strats are at 25.5 inches. In fact, these guitars have always been praised for having an amazing feel. Please check the pictures to see the physical condition. You’ll only get them with this particular guitar. Find Fender products at Best Buy! We have Fender’s 2-point Synchronized Tremolo accompanied by vintage-style locking tuners. Neck: Maple What’s more, the bridge also had individual and adjustable saddles where you could adjust their height and intonation. Fender Stratocaster Made In Usa. 12 Best Stratocaster Pickup Reviews and the Best Stratocaster Pickup Brands 1) Fender Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups The Fender Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups offers enduring versatility across different sound applications. Fret Count: 22 Fret Count: 22 Body: Alder Which is why you’ll find they’re available in only SSS configurations (though there is a Vintera '60s model that comes with the addition of an S1 switch). If you’re obsessed to Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar, White Chrome Pearl and want to buy it, so hurry up to see more details and check it out by clicking The Special Price Link below! Located in California, this division makes guitars under special orders for high-end instruments. Then we have Fender’s ’65 Pure Vintage single-coils that manage to precisely capture what their old pickups from the 1960s did. The French guitar player used this Strat on a number of hit records, TV apparences, and shared it with mates such as Hank Marvin, Brian May, Albert Lee, etc. But the instrument’s greatness also shows in some hard rock and metal settings, most notably neo-classical and prog rock music. This Stratocaster is one of the best blues-focused guitars out there. Neck: Maple Yes, this is a future-forward design, but indelibly still a Stratocaster – a darn good one. But we’ll get to that later in the main section of the article. If you are going to replace the pickups on your Strat, one of the … Overall, this is easily one of the best Stratocasters out there for the money. It is widely believed and Hendrix is one of the best guitarists of all time – if not the best. Looking more into the world of Stratocasters, we also have models that implemented the innovative Floyd Rose bridges, accompanied by locking nuts. How-To Learn 13 Free Guitar Lessons Including … The cavity on the backside of the guitar holds three springs that keep the balance and you just pull the whammy bar handle to lower the pitch of all strings. Controls: 1 volume and 2 tone controls, 5-way pickup selector I started this website with some of my friends who are musicians, music teachers, gear heads, and music enthusiasts so we could provide high quality music related content as well as some of the most accurate and in-depth gear review and demo information on the internet. This one splits the humbucker and turns it into a single-coil pickup, making the instrument very versatile sonically-wise. This is a very useful guitar for heavy metal and hard rock players due to the inclusion of a humbucker pickup in the bridge position. Just like the previous models, this one also had the bolt-on body and neck formation, as well as standard single-coil pickups. But don’t get fooled by its low price since this instrument can still put up quite a punch and even serve as a great guitar for more experienced musicians. If you’re looking to invest in a high-quality instrument that will retain its value, however, then an American-made Strat will probably best fit the bill – or, indeed a signature model made in collaboration with a big-name artist. Body: Alder or ash See more ideas about Fender stratocaster, Guitar, Fender … It has a standard configuration for a Stratocaster, although it comes with a different type of fretboard and pickups that you don’t see that often. It’s the same old design with completely new components that features one of the nicest finishes this instrument comes in. Whether a vintage, sunburst or custom shop, we have them all covered here!. Fender Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups. Best of all, though, are the options for an Olympic White finish - or even better, Shell Pink - which make it a guitar that can truly turn back time and transport you through Fender’s most iconic years. The guitar is featured in several books, magazines front pages, etc. 0 bids. Pickups: 3 Seymour Duncan STK-S10 YJM Fury single-coils 4 are signature series or Artist series. These are all specially selected high-end materials, which adds to the instrument’s great tone and durability. Though it arrived a few years after the original Broadcaster/Esquire Teles that made history as the world’s first mass-produced solidbody electric, the Stratocaster quickly became Fender’s best-selling instrument, a tradition which has lasted to this day. Toronto & Canada best guitar store. Build Materials: The guitar comes with the alder body, maple neck, and a rosewood fretboard. A formidable Strat, spec’d for today’s player, Launch price: $1,899/£1,899 | Body: Alder (ash on trans finish) | Neck: Maple, bolt-on | Scale: 25.5” | Fingerboard: Rosewood or maple | Frets: 22, medium jumbo | Pickups: 3x Ultra Noiseless Vintage Strat single-coil pickups | Controls: Master volume with S-1 switch, 2 x tone, 5-way blade pickup switch | Hardware: 2-Point Fender Deluxe Sychronized Tremolo | Left-handed: No | Finish: Arctic Pearl, Cobra Blue, Mocha Burst, Texas Tea, Ultraburst. The bridge is the same classic Fender tremolo one. My Review: Now, this is a completely unconventional guitar, bringing some old Jazzmaster features with a classic Strat design. Build Materials: Once again, we have a signature guitar with a standard Strat tonewood configuration and a premium choice of materials. 145-192 of 848 results. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: Aside from the Vintage-style Synchronized Tremolo bridge, the guitar also comes with “ClassicGear” tuning machines that have that smooth action and a gear ratio of 18:1. On the other hand, some models have different types of fretboards, mostly rosewood ones. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 13 (over 15 years now) and am an avid collector of all thing’s guitar. Fretboard: Maple Finish and Design: Performer Stratocasters come in a few different finish variants. Of course, this is all accompanied by a standard configuration with a 5-way pickup selector switch, one volume knob, and two Tone knobs. See more ideas about fender stratocaster, fender stratocaster white, fender. American Ultra Stratocaster (Best Overall), 2. The best Strats for every budget and playing style. Sep 29, 2018 - Coil-split Bridge HB. The Fender Strat is guitar for any style of music and we always have a selection of vintage and used Stratocasters in stock at Carter Vintage. Fender’s modernism is, of course, rooted with one foot in its storied history; the three Ultra Noiseless single-coils offer hum-free performance, and yet they are voiced to recall a bygone era. 0 bids. The best budget-friendly option is not necessarily the best overall option. Updated on November 30, 2020 By Admin. Specializing in acoustic guitars, telecaster electrical guitars, amps, and accessories, your musician needs are covered. The most common alternative is the humbucker-single-single combination, giving players an option to have that “rougher” tone for heavy riffing. Of course, this is accompanied by a fine rosewood fretboard. A truly historic instrument without the historic price tag. In a lot of cases, we have the standard “C”-shaped neck profile, although many other variants have been used. However, it didn’t take long for the guitar to get an additional single-coil in the neck position and eventually a new name, the Broadcaster. Respecting Fender's heritage while maintaining their innovative spirit, the power trio of Player Series single-coil pickups are crisp and articulate—it’s authentic Fender tone with a modern edge. These may include stuff like active electronics, floating tremolo bridges, or even scalloped frets. While you can’t expect some “premium” luxurious and prestigious features on them, Fender Player Stratocaster guitars can still compete with some even more expensive guitars out there. Alternatively, Fender Strats may come with some totally “unconventional” pickup formations, which is the case with some higher-end models. It’s a high-end instrument, but it’s not as expensive compared to the other stuff that we mentioned, so it’s definitely worth it. Visit our corporate site. Alongside the Gibson Les Paul, there is no electric guitar more associated with rock and the blues than the Fender Stratocaster. Thankfully it comes fitted with 10-46 gauge strings, instead of the flesh-tearing 13s SRV generally stuck with. Hendrix is dead, you know - and one is the new HSS Shawbucker, something desired widely. Fretboard: Rosewood Bridge: Standard Fender Tremolo Bridge. A compound radius fingerboard (more on that in a minute) and a recessed Floyd Rose vibrato make for outstanding playability and tuning. Pickups: Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in bridge and neck, Seymour Duncan JB Jr. in the middle However, it’s obvious that this guitar is marketed for the lovers of the 1960s, which is a somewhat specific category. While working and sounding as regular single-coil pickups, they feature noticeably reduced hum levels, making these guitars very useful for both studio and live settings. It’s an all-around awesome instrument with some different variants. Neck: Maple I’d say that this particular Strat comes in handy for those who play hard rock and classic heavy metal, although it’s useful for plenty of other guitar-oriented genres as well. 5. These are somewhat “stripped-down” budget-friendly instruments, yet they’re way ahead of Squire, which is Fender’s subsidiary company. © This was, of course, accompanied by a 5-way pickup selector switch, with the guitar offering a nice palette of different tones, along with its one volume and two tone controls. Bottom Line: The guitar is not as expensive as you’d expect from all of its features and traits. Here is Fender’s modernism at its best, with the iconic body shape largely unchanged save for some carefully thought out body contours, and a newly tapered heel to aid upper fret access. While we have some classic design and build traits that you find on most Strats, this one brings in a special set of pickups, improved bridge, and locking tuners. Fret Count: 22 American Professional II Stratocaster (Editor's Choice), 3. (Neck/Middle Pickups), Tone 2. It’s done all according to Eric Johnson’s specs and brings no special branded pickups or hardware. Price. Classic Strat looks for an absolute steal…, Price: $229/£219 | Body: Alder | Neck: Maple Or Rosewood | Scale: 25.5" | Fingerboard: Indian Laurel | Frets: 22 | Pickups: Three Squier Standard Single-Coils | Controls: Master Volume, Tone 1 (Neck/Middle Pickups), Tone 2 (Bridge Pickup) | Hardware: Chrome | Finish: 2-Color Sunburst, Black, Brown Sunburst, Competition Orange, Race Red, Slick Silver, Surf Green. 14,909 results for fender stratocaster. It selects them the same way every Stratocaster selects its 3 standard single-coils. With this in mind, we decided to cover some of the Fender Stratocaster’s main characteristics that we can find on the abundance of models. However, it’s not just the materials that make Fender Stratocaster’s body so amazing. Update your shipping location. All three of these traits are usually favored by more virtuosic players, mostly those who are lead guitarists in metal bands. Nonetheless, this instrument can deliver not only a great tone but also a very comfortable and user-friendly performance. BA1 1UA. this Guitar does include a G & C hard case made in U.S.A . Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: And with its hardware and other traits, Vintera ’50s Stratocaster once again comes back to the old times. Click & Collect. Bottom Line: There’s really not much to say except that this is one of the finest and most prestigious Stratocasters out there. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Lowest Price Guaranteed for new, Fender Showcase dealer, Fender Custom Shop, Ibanez, PRS, Guild, Marshall, Orange and more... We offer above industry standard service and repairs. The main goal of this division is to create one-off guitars and amps for famous guitar players. However, scalloped frets are a very specific trait, and not every guitarist prefers such a design. Fretboard: Maple Read the full Fender Player Stratocaster review Fret Count: 21 They give a tone of a standard humbucker, although you may notice the difference in some cases due to their different design. So instead of squared edges, you get that smooth feel, including a very useful design trait that allows for a comfortable picking hand placement. Fret Count: 22 So how did this fine instrument with so many great traits come to be? In this article, we shall be reviewing and discussing the best amplifiers for the Fender Stratocaster. $750.00. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: Blocked American bridge takes Fender’s standard tremolo bridge design and adds even more stability in there. Fretboard: Rosewood or maple Pickups: 3 V-Mod II single-coils My Review: Another one from the Player Series, this Strat comes with almost the same specs as the previous one. The only difference is the humbucker pickup in the bridge position. Nut: Floyd Rose Special Locking. The one that quite stands out is the “Satin Lake Placid Blue” that also gives this guitar a very eye-catching appeal. Bottom Line: In case you’re up for a classic-styled Strat with some slightly modern features, then the Performer series comes in handy. What makes Stratocasters stand out compared to most other guitars is their triple pickup configuration. I’d recommend it to anyone who adores the Super-Strat concept. The short-lived 88-92 run of heavy metal-friendly Strats were very much tailored to an era of super shredders. It also featured contoured edges and had a contoured backside of the body which made it very comfortable both for standing or sitting positions. One of the best Fender Stratocasters for leftfield fans, Price: $2,299/£1,749 | Body: Offset Alder With Maple Top | Neck: Solid Rosewood (C-shape) | Scale: 25.5" | Fingerboard: Rosewood | Frets: 22 | Pickups: 3x Texas Special Single-Coils | Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone Blend | Hardware: Chrome | Finish: Transparent Seafoam Green. Finish and Design: What’s also really exciting is that Professional II Stratocasters come in 9 different color variants. What’s also worth noting is that Strats come with a bolt-on body and neck construction, which might not work for some guitar players with a specific taste. Controls: 1 volume and 2 tone pots After all, this guitar model is so widespread that you’ll even see the same type used in some completely different musical genres. However, the main traits have almost always remained the same, with the only exception being some experimental models. Although the body and neck joint is a bolt-on one, you can still have a pretty comfortable playing experience up there near the body. Best of all, there are options for a remarkably vintage-looking Buttercream finish and HSS configurations to compliment a Modern C-shaped neck profile with a 9.5"-radius fingerboard and a two-point tremolo bridge with bent-steel saddles. Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. And this is exactly what the American Original series brings some of these old things back to life, just like with this ’60s-inspired model. Body: Alder, semi-hollow Whoever wanted to have a vibrato arm in there had to buy a guitar with a Bigsby tailpiece, or any other similar version. Period-correct appointments such as an alder body with lacquer finish, mint green pickguard and a rosewood fingerboard bring lots of vintage appeal, though unlike the original Strats from this era, it benefits from a five-way pickup switch – offering some level of modern versatility. They’ve done some exclusive work for guitar legends like Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, B.B. Bottom Line: Fender Player Stratocaster is probably the best entry-level Strat on the market. 99. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: The pickups on this one are the standard Player Series Alinco 5 ones. Bottom Line: While it does take us back to old times, Vintera ’50s Strat is still not as expensive as one would expect. The Stratocaster is one of the most tonally versatile guitars of all-time. Of course, these latest versions wouldn’t be the same without a black headcap and that infamous '80s stylized Fender logo on the headstock. There’s also a version that has a humbucker pickup in the bridge position and a rosewood fretboard instead of a maple one. As was previously mentioned, the Springy Sound and Gold Star Tokai Strats are based on or copies of Fender Stratocasters from 1954-1964. This program is designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. Best Fender Stratocaster Alternatives Veritas Double Cut Portlander PORTLANDER Starting with a classic foundation, we crafted the Double Cut Portlander into a thing of beauty. Other than that, it’s a pretty comfortable instrument to play, just like the regular version that we already described above. Neck: Maple Bottom Line: Going into higher-end territories, this is a perfect guitar for true lovers of those old Strat bluesy tones. Aside from that, we have a standard maple neck with the addition of a rosewood fretboard. What makes it so amazing for this price are the Vintage Noiseless pickups. Neck: Maple Gallery View Customize . Along with the “Modern C” neck profile, you’ll have an instrument that’s rather easy and comfortable to play. Additionally, they have a few interesting Stratocaster models that are worth checking out, even for the list of the best Fender guitars that you can find on the market these days. Bridge: 2-point Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo. The main advantage of these instruments is that they’re cheaper. Bottom Line: You just can’t go wrong with this Strat, especially if you’re into fine bluesy tones or the subtle funky rhythm stuff. There are even some examples of the “V” shape, the “U” shape, as well as thinner neck profiles. The Fender Stratocaster could very well be the most iconic electric guitar of all time. The biggest selling point of the instrument comes with its scalloped frets. You’ll even find Strats with two humbuckers or two P90 pickups. The same can be said about pickups and electronics. We have the American Vintage tremolo bridge, Schaller Vintage “F”-style tuners, and 3 single-coil pickups with basic controls. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: While there’s nothing inherently exciting with its features, the hardware is done with great care. Build Materials: Aside from the alder body, we have a standard maple neck with the maple fretboard. Aside from the name, these are essentially the same old quality guitars that you’d expect of Fender. Some more expensive Strats can come with the company’s so-called Noiseless pickups. But that was exactly what Fender was aiming for with their Parallel Universe series, and this Stratocaster is just one of the examples. Maple-made necks of Stratocasters almost exclusively feature maple fretboards with a radius of 7.25 inches. However, what’s so unique here is that we have a semi-hollow-body Strat, the so-called “Thinline” design. The addition of this fretboard brings us back to the 1960s when Fender made such instruments. The Stratocaster wears the American Ultra’s contemporary stylings well. Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar, White Chrome Pearl be the best product. We have some unusual finishes that take us back to the flashy aesthetics of the 1980s. Its asymmetrical double-cutaway design with uneven cutouts proved to be not only stylish but very ergonomic as well. This is the way Stevie preferred it. Bottom Line: Fender Player Stratocaster is probably the best entry-level Strat on the market.

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