Bull Reds prefer natural bait however, so most fish are caught using a variety of live or dead natural baits. The trick to catching big redfish at night is slowing way down. I find nighttime live bait fishing under the lights is a very exciting way to fish, and it’s very productive, too.”. And – guess what! This is a 3¾-inch tube that tapers to a pointed tail. Repeat. Then I fish my plan. The hookup ratio is much better with ravenous redfish, but maybe you’ve discovered that already? So, I’d grab my rod and a few hooks and then silently walk out behind our house on the ICW to the lighted dock. “Dropping things, banging the boat, talking too loud; these will kill the bite. The scent does the trick, and the best vehicles include jig heads (or fully dressed jigs) and weedless spoons. JSHANMEI Underwater Fishing Light Night Fishing Lure Bait Fish Finder Lamp Super Bright Submersible Deep Drop LED Fishing Boat Light (20W Fishing Light, Green) … Best Jerkbaits for Redfish. A great search bait, or for sight casting to redfish in clear water. “Sometimes I hop it, but usually I just pull it slowly through the light. A fresh shrimp either Texas-rigged or tail- hooked is deadly when sight casting to redfish in tailing depths. This is particularly relevant for redfish because they are such creatures of habit. The main factors to consider here are color, size, and quality. “It’s easier for an angler to see under a full moon, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference to the fish.”, Speckled trout feed on their primary prey (shrimp) under dock lights. It’s a versatile soft plastic that can be put on a spinnerbait, rigged weedless or the old fashioned way: with a jighead. The trick is to match the lead head and hook length to the length of the tail. Ed Mashburn writes extensively about fishing for Great Days Outdoors. The day was winding down, and the lights of the docks helped give a sense of direction to the darkness. It will be full of small minnows, swimming crabs, and especially shrimp. Increase the pressure and the crab will sometimes “release” the claw. So why do the speckled trout and redfish gather below the lights? A split-shot is usually enough. Many dock lights have been damaged or lost and most have not yet been repaired or replaced. My shift ended at midnight, and I was never ready for bed when I got home. Normally you should use the whole crab, but if water visibility is low, breaking them apart will release the scent and bring the redfish in. Soft plastics rigged on weighted hooks or worm hooks; Weedless spoons; Hard plastic twitch baits; Topwater lures; Deep Water Lures for Redfish. You must have fresh, live, active bait. Many anglers prefer circle hooks to J hooks for crabs. The Zoom 5-inch Super Fluke for example, is one I have fished a lot for reds on stingrays, staging in potholes of the flats, and tailing in the shallowest water. Even with 6 ounce weights remora would follow it down on the drop and strip the bait leaving only the bonita skin. Simply put: Finger mullet are the best live bait for catching redfish. This bait casts well for its weight, though you. Many times, the reds will be feeding in the deeper water below the light and below the top-feeding speckled trout. When the shadow which is a big speck or red rises up on the live bait from below, very often the alarmed bait will jump and make every effort to escape. For best results when fishing for redfish—some really big over-slot-size reds visit many nighttime dock lights—it’s a good idea to put just enough weight above the hooked shrimp or minnow to slowly take the bait toward the bottom. All Rights Reserved, Entering your valid email address signifies you wish to receive our newsletter and have read the, Best Location, Bait and Technique for Permit, Florida Sportsman Launches Action Spotter Podcast. 10-20lb braided line is all you need. Both tails are terrific, action-wise, and give off vibrations that help redfish find the food in dark or cloudy waters. There is no one best redfish bait or lure. A friend and veteran Alabama Gulf Coast angler, Robert Dobson of Foley, gives us some good night fishing tips for when we want to get in a little after-dark fishing. Because of this, they will be automatically attracted to live shrimp. The main convenience is you can switch out a tail color in seconds, other than a hair jig. Slow your approach way down. (updated on 12.6.2019) Hatchet Jack's in Crystal Hill (501-758-4958) reports… Redfish can’t resist them! And a monofilament weedguard (which comes standard on Backbone Lures) help keep loose grass off the hook. See it for yourself here. A split-shot is usually enough. Always tie this jig on your line or leader with a loop knot. With the knot as a loop, pass the free end down through the loop on the fly and back through the … Now, this varies destination to destination, so what I am going to discuss here may not be specific to your area, but it will go a long way to helping you become more informed on live baits for redfish to use. “A full moon really just makes it easier for the angler fishing at night,” he says. At night, the fish rely on sound to warn them of danger, and if you’re too noisy you won’t catch fish at night. Before you go out and buy some new lures, it would probably be helpful for you to know what kind of lures actually work best for these fish (more info here on trout specifically). I can’t argue it’s possible, and in fact, years ago in Florida Bay, reds seemed to flare off when they saw it, so I switched to a black Johnson “Silver” Minnow. The shrimp can be hooked to stay alive by passing the point and bend through the rear of its horn, but it really matters little to a hungry redfish. I reserve these 1/4- and 3/5-ounce jigs for slightly deeper flats and channel edges, and work them along bottom with the current. And we are talking a varied menu. Of course, the biggest difference between fishing during the day and fishing at night is that we can’t see nearly as well once the sun goes down. But here are my Top Ten that get the job done just about anywhere you run into a red. Small lead dumbbell eyes or bead chain is used for weight. “A lot of the really good dock lights were washed away in the recent floods, but there are still enough lights to make a trip worthwhile. I have had success on pass and mangrove backcountry redfish with the Storm Wildeye Swim Shad, and the same type of swimbait is a great choice for catching an inshore slam. This of course attracts predators like snook. There are a few more realistic-looking products, but this one swims, and sinks, like a live shrimp. Best Bait For Snook Fishing At Night in 2020. How To Catch Whiting (Southern, Northern & Gulf Kingfish) January 29, 2019. The Silver Minnow wobbles without full revolution when retrieved slowly; it’s when you crank it in a warp speed to recast that it can twist your line. “I use artificials at night,” Dobson says. The soft tail can be pierced to allow for insertion of a small rattle chamber. Jerk- or twitchbaits are reaction lures that are very good at getting the attention of prowling redfish. For best results when fishing for redfish—some really big over-slot-size reds visit many nighttime dock lights—it’s a good idea to put just enough weight above the hooked shrimp or minnow to slowly take the bait toward the bottom. By doing a little pre-fishing trip planning and by working in the quiet and dark, anglers can catch some great speckled trout and redfish after the sun goes down. Though overlooked by many redfishers, topwater lures can bring out the aggressiveness in otherwise lethargic reds. Earlier, the whole situation on this stretch of water was a mess; for anglers anyway. Dock owners tend to be nice people, but they don’t want you on their docks.”, Finally, when the experienced angler was asked to name the biggest mistake that anglers make when fishing at night, Dobson doesn’t hesitate. “No matter where an angler decides to try dock light-fishing on the Alabama Coast, the potential is there for some memorable fishing.” — Robert Dobson. By. Grassflats, oyster bars, mangrove shorelines, inlets and passes, sandy beaches, under docks and bridges, you name it. There are no elaborate legs, it is not realistic. Live shrimp bait is probably the best bait to use to catch redfish because they like fish. I fish this jig pure for flats reds, but may tip it when the fish are fussy, and when cold or hot water makes them lethargic. Avoid running up too close to the dock and its lights. Make sure to let the baits soak longer and give redfish more time to locate the bait. The beauty of the Darter, and similar floater-divers, is that you can swim it just under the surface between rests on top. A mono weedguard is optional, and hook sizes range from No 2 to 2/0. A plethora of delicious entrees a redfish can’t resist. What’s the best lure to use for dock lights? The steady pop-pop-pop or the occasional Blurp! Smaller slot-sized flats reds love a crab, too, and it can be the ticket to. Tried Bonita belly, herring, hardtail and squid. can tip the spoon with a short plastic tail if you like for increased profile, and even a thumbnail-sized dab of fresh shrimp when the fish need some “coaxing.” It won’t hurt the action of the spoon that much. “I think you’ll probably catch more speckled trout than redfish, and I think you’ll catch more quality fish under the lights this year. White-colored flies work best for night fishing, especially considering that vibrant colors are not very distinguishable without light. As the category suggests, these swim on their own without much added manipulation from the angler. The soft bodies probably cause the fish to hold them a bit longer in their mouth before you set the hook, too. Simply cast net them and keep them in your bait bucket. And that is why I will cover topwater plugs in just a bit. My old favorite for flats reds is the venerable Creek Chub Darter, a deadly snook plug as well. Redfish can be caught on a variety of natural bait. You Might Also Like. Mullet is probably one of, if not the best bait for Redfish. A loop knot gives this lure freedom of movement. However, plenty of good dock lights are still there for a nighttime angler to find and work. The nighttime can be an awesome time to … As the live shrimp or bull minnow is swept closer to the lighted water, it will almost always start to get very nervous. Blue crabs are available at most coastal bait shops and cost around a dollar each. Speckled trout and redfish come to the lights because their food (minnows, crabs, and shrimp) come to lights. It never took long for the fish to return. It is an impressionistic crab. I love to cast it in tight to a busy tailer, let it settle near it and then give it a twitch once the fish looks back up. These are great lures to have in your tackle box if you can't find any live bait. Fishing the dock lights along the Alabama Gulf Coast is not too hard, but it may take a little exploration and trial-and-error searching on the part of anglers to find the best docks and lights for fishing. In fact, I have caught more nighttime fish on live shrimp and bull minnows than any other way. 1) Shrimp. scented tails add a strong attraction, appealing to the redfish’s senses of smell and taste. of the cork brings reds to the bait, which is rarely turned down. There is quite an array of spoons now in comparison to when I fished the Johnsons in Florida Bay. The redfish may take it for a shrimp, crab or baitfish, who knows? Hubbard s marina fishing report 5 10 19 catching redfish in the summer 7 best r fishing lures 2020 7 best r fishing lures 2020 lights for florida s nighttime snook. This is another secret to success for catching specks and reds at night. Check out my post on Surf Fishing Rigs for more information on leaders and terminal tackle for Redfish. I caught 1 keeper red snap but went through so much bait and remora aggravation I had to leave the whole area. Alabama Trophy Deer Hunts for Every Budget. It’s a simple tie, with prominent mono stalk eyes. One of the oldest patterns in the saltwater book is the Homer Rhodes Streamer, later popularized by Chico Fernandez as the Sea-Ducer. Be sure the gap between the hookpoint and body is wide enough to facilitate hookups. This means if you find one, then you’ll find a few hundred more with them. Like most soft jerkbaits, this bait has a recessed pocket for reverse hook rigging, where you just skin the surface of the bait where the hook exits at the rear. These ride hook-up in the water making them ideal for bottom-bumping around oyster bars or flats potholes, and most have tails designed to vibrate on a straight retrieve. Lengths of 3 to 5 inches are ideal for redfish. The last light of the sunset faded away in the west, and the world over the water was dark except for the lights fixed on the ends of various docks along the shoreline. But I still prefer the Johnson, with its wire weedguard for grassflat presentations. Best Gulp Bait--Snook Docks-- Docks are a great place to hunt for snook and just about every other fish around. A whole blue crab with a 4- to 5-inch carapace is terrific for bull reds over 30 pounds or so. In “shrimpy” colors, it’s a great impressionistic shrimp. To target bull Reds, use mullet head. The small size casts a mile, doesn’t get blown off course as much in a side wind and the splashdown is lighter. However, fishing dock lights from the same dock requires an angler to be very, very quiet. Redfish can operate at night but they will have a harder time locating food and avoiding sharks in the darkness. Redfish are opportunistic feeders and will eat anything from crabs, shrimp, and any other fish smaller than they are. If there is a good amount of natural light from the moon, stars, etc. Though I have tied many effective crab patterns, I really like the Borski Critter Crab, which has also taken quite a few bonefish for me. They all work, you just have to experiment. I fish the D.O.A. Redfish, with that inferior mouth (under the head) are a bit clumsy when rotating their bodies to engulf something floating. By Capt. Shallow water docks tend to not hold as many fish. I learned a lot about how and why speckled trout and redfish feed from watching those fish under that dock light. In the first video below, I’ll share some tips on how I use cut bait, what I use, and the best ways to hook and present it. Today I would venture that 90 percent of redfishers prefer plastic-tail or scented tail jigs over those dressed with bucktail or other fibers. The smallest “bonefish” crabs are great—cast them on a small heavy wire hook without weight in under 2 feet of water, and perhaps add a splitshot or two where deeper. Be courteous and polite at night.”, Also, he points out that getting on a dock from a boat for any reason is a really big no-no. H ave you ever been fishing with friends and either you or they were catching fish while the other person was not? Get the Top Stories from Florida Sportsman Delivered to Your Inbox Every Week. It has a tapered baitfish shape, 2-pronged tail that helps it swim level in the water, and even dart in and out of the water with quick twitches of the wrist on the retrieve. It has a lot to do with the kind of bait they’re feeding on. You can even use both methods on the same cast. A live shrimp under a popping cork was central to my boyhood redfish indoctrination, and the place was Everglades City in the Ten Thousand Islands. Fiddler crabs are also a redfish delicacy, becoming an easy target when a high tide floods their marsh or shoreline habitat. To facilitate a quick release of redfish, consider mashing down the barbs on those treble hooks, or switch them out for single hooks that are similar in weight to the trebles, so that the lure’s action isn’t affected. Joe Kent. That’s a good thing to remember even when boat fishing at night. Get outdoor trends, data, new products, and tips delivered to your inbox. When it comes down to it, there are 3 types of lures that work best; 1. How about I give you two—a crab and a shrimp/baitfish imposter? Top 5 Best Lures For Redfish In 2020 – Buying Guide With Reviews. Don’t overwork the jig—a slow, bottom-kissing retrieve is best, and you will prevent line twist that can happen with all crab baits. There are a bunch of bests! So, what is the best spinnerbait for night fishing? These underwater dock lights tend to hold a lot of really nice fish. The strike often comes as it sinks.

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